ThisIsWhyImBroke WordPress Theme Review

ThisIsWhyImBroke WordPress Theme Review

Last Updated: May 3rd 2019

Want the new theme? Follow this link.

Update 2019: The theme authors have released an updated version of their WordPress theme that more closely matches the ThisIsWhyImBroke’s design.

Wiral 2.0

As you can see the developers have redesigned the header that makes ThisIsWhyImBroke so recognisable.

They have added the color separated sections for the heading where you can add your separate categories for the products your viral site. The header is now sticky so when you start scrolling it will hang at the top of the window – another key feature of the recent design updgrades on TIWIW.

As well as these changes, they’ve also added a section so you can direct traffic straight to Amazon’s discounted products from the homepage. See below.

Amazon Deals

Looking at the product pages of the newly released theme, we can see that they have done a major revamp which should help to increase those click-through conversion rates.

Most importantly, they have included in the right sidebar a section for a sqaure advertisement and the ‘check it out’ button which is sticky as the user scrolls.

Product Page

The square advertisement is an awesome addition which helps to monetize the 90% of traffic or so that never results into a purchase. They manage to integrate it in a way that it is non-obtrusive while also maximizing time in front of the visitor.

You can click here to see the full demo of the new Wiral 2.0 theme.

I searched for months high and low for WordPress themes like thisiswhyimbroke, shutupandtakemymoney and dudeiwantthat. It feels great to have finally found a premium WordPress theme that matches these with clean coding and fast design.

Wordpress theme thisiswhyimbroke
Wiral Theme Example

The theme is basically a clone of ThisisWhyImBroke in terms of layout and functionality.

It has the same infinite scroll grid layout with ‘read more’ buttons that can lead to your affiliate links for products.

While it’s close to the other themes, it’s still not exactly spot on and requires some minor coding in order to get it there.

Here I’ll show you how I set my set up the same as the other sites like:

  • shutupandtakemymoney
  • thisiswhyimbroke
  • dudeiwant

I hired my programmer from Upwork to get this done for me on the cheap. All up it took an hour or two and was very affordable.

Add Affiliate Link To Custom Fields

Affiliate Link Metadata
Affiliate Link Metadata

The first thing you want to do is get an affiliate link section added to the custom fields area. Custom fields allow you to add extra metadata to your post that you can use in your theme.

This lets you add your affiliate links for each product you insert (products are listed as posts).

Add Price To Custom Fields

price metadata
price metadata

As well as adding a custom fields section for your affiliate links you have to add one for price. If you install the theme straight out of the box there is no functionality for you to add price.

Once you get those two things done – you’ve got a theme exactly like the ones you are after.

Here’s an example of what it looks like on my site after I got my programmer to set it up for me…

Example from my site
Example from my site

Things I Love About This Theme

It is really well optimized for social sharing.

You don’t need to add any extra plugins, the theme comes with plenty of functionality to add them almost anywhere you want.

For example, you can have them:

  • Floating on the screen as the user scrolls
  • Above the content
  • Below the content
  • Appear across image thumbnail

These are also independent of each other. So you can choose which you would like to have and which you don’t. This keeps the theme fast and free from bloat from unwanted plugins.

Things I Don’t Like

The theme does not offer Woocommerce support, so you might want to reconsider if you are planning on setting up an ecommerce store through this theme.

There has also been the occasional bug in the theme.

For instance, I have had metadata turned off in post thumbnails (essentially hiding view count, like count).

But after the infinite scroll script was activated the metadata would appear.

Nothing major and to be honest the guys behind the theme offer excellent customer service.

They had an update with a fix ready for me in an hour or two after I contacted them.

How Did ThisIsWhyImBroke Become So Popular?

It’s no secret that ThisIsWhyImBroke is one of the most popular sites monetized through Amazon affiliates. The most recent rumors have the site earning somewhere around $40,000 per month.

That’s insane!

The owner of the site puts his success down to a couple of things, but the awesome point here is that you can easily replicate what he has done as well.

While the owner admits his site wasn’t the first to list cool products in a grid layout, he did pioneer the witty, sarcastic item descriptions and would buy certain products so he could get them photographed (I think his girlfriend is a photographer). These were two crucial areas that set him apart from the rest at the time.

Other areas that helped the site to explode were cheap Reddit ads. Once upon a time you used to be able to get a 1,000 impressions on Reddit for a couple bucks or less.

Finally, the positioning of products themselves was paid very careful attention. He wanted to maximise the shock factor of each product so you would have two completely unrelated items next to each other like a machete and a barbie doll. Think about the juxtaposition of your products.

ThisIsWhyImBroke Similar Sites

It isn’t the only site online that uses an infinite scroll grid of images to make money through affiliate sales. On the heels of ThisIsWhyImBroke are a few other sites I’ll outline further below:



Aside from some serious changes in the color palette of the website, the layout is practically identical. Save for the positioning of some headings and text, the functionality of the website is identical. It has the same infinite scroll and floating menu bar as thisiswhyimbroke.

Running the site through SEMrush (highly recommended for your keyword and competitor research) and we can quickly get a fantastic insight into the success of the website.

dudeiwantthat analytics
dudeiwantthat analytics

We can see that DudeIWantThat launched back in around 2012 and the traffic grew up to around 200,000 unique organic hits per month in early 2017. Remember that a lot of these types of websites’ hits don’t actually come from searches – they are more popular through social and direct channels. The traffic is more likely between the 1 – 2 million hits per month. So DudeIWantThat are absolutely killing it.

You can try a search on one of your competitors sites below:


shutupandtakemymoney screenshot

Probably one of the closest ripoffs to ThisIsWhyImBroke – ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney have reached a fair amount of success just by piggy backing off the coat tails of their behemoth brother. I’ll share their SEMrush metrics soon, but we know they are getting traffic in the ballpark of around 500,000 hits per month of which around 100,000 is organic.

The user experience does appear less quality with this, you can see it in the details like the shorter summaries for each of the products. There has been less effort injected into this site, but for 500,000 hits per month I wouldn’t be complaining.


cool camping gear

Then there’s sites like Cool Camping Gear – a throwback to the old school site layout and appearance of ThisIsWhyImBroke. They’ve picked the cool camping gear niche, filled it with articles and haven’t touched it for what looks like years. The site is probably getting around 6,000 hits per month which isn’t bad for something with that looks so bad and hasn’t been updated.

How do all these compare to ThisIsWhyImBroke?

They don’t really. It trumps them.

thisiswhyimbroke analytics
thisiswhyimbroke analytics

With 500,000 organic hits per month and researching it through a few other sites, it’s likely getting around 5 Million visitors per month.



Wiral is an incredibly affordable and highly sought after theme which very closely replicates the infinite scroll grid layout themes like thisiswhyimbroke, dudeiwantthat, and shutupandtakemymoney.

This is pretty much the most similar WordPress theme to ThisisWhyImBroke you can find anywhere today.

It offers plenty of versatility and customization within the theme options interface and presents the exact functionality we want to build those infinite scroll type websites.

So set up your thisiswhyimbroke website and start earning $40,000 per month like a gangster!

Follow this link to check out the theme and demo.

I recommend the SEMRush software for the best keyword research tool in the business. Give it a try for free below…

13 thoughts on “ThisIsWhyImBroke WordPress Theme Review

        1. Hi Cara,

          I plan on keeping my websites private. Post a job on Upwork asking for someone to create a child theme that includes areas with the custom fields to include price and affiliate links. It’s quite intuitive and simple enough work, just make sure to hire someone with good reviews.

          1. Hi, thanks for the great article! What exactly do you say on Upwork (what description of the job do you give)? Do you say that you need someone to add two custom fields to the post section? One for affiliate link and one for price?

            Also, what access do you give them? Cpanel or wordpress admin?


  1. Thank you so much for your hard work in finding this information! I will be posting a job on Upwork now because I NEED this! Are you still satisfied with the theme?

      1. Do you mainly use social media as a means of driving traffic to your website?

        Also I assume you own quite a few affiliate sites, is it possible to earn 4-5k monthly with 3-4 sites like thisiswhyimbroke? Of course I wont expect huge profits from one site with all the competition in these niches.

        Any info would be helpful as Im just starting out.

        1. Hi Pete,

          Yes I think that’s a good target. I’m also a fan of diversifying by having many websites instead of going all out on just one. I target many different sources of traffic, don’t limit yourself to just one. The goal is just to get people to your site and then the social media traffic follows. What I’ve found works quite well is to sell some products directly through your website via dropshipping. With your outreach you can then ask for product reviews which will get you your backlinks, combine this with some SEO for some important keywords in your niche and you’ll be doing well.

  2. Hi, I hope you still check your comments on this post. I recently bought this theme and I’m really frustrated. It now has the option to automatically include your affiliate link, but it doesn’t import the image or description from Amazon. I can find other plug-ins that do this, but they use WooCommerce and are not compatible with Wiral. Do you have any suggestions for a plug-in I could add that would automatically fetch the images for the products and set them as the featured image? Thanks for any info you may have.

  3. Hello
    Great review and nice theme. But I have a question? Could be automatic update pricing? If you have 1000 products that be a very useful.

  4. Hi there,
    thanks for sharing this info!
    I got in touch via email with a couple of days ago and haven’t received an answer yet. Any idea if they are still operating? Would like to download Wiral 2.0 from them but don’t want to be scammed. Thanks!

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