My Experience Of Buying A Website Through Flippa

My Experience Of Buying A Website Through Flippa

lolcats… HELL NO I didn’t buy

Flippa is a fantastic resource where both buyers and sellers of websites come together in an auction showdown.

There are a whole range of sites you can buy through Flippa these days.

They range from pure content plays collecting Adsense revenue, to a combination of adsense/affiliate, to ecommerce and shopify. There are also the options of services and SaaS websites.

But here’s the catch…

There is also a ton of junk on Flippa.

I mean truckloads of the stuff. If you’re buying a cheap site at the lower end of the spectrum (between $1,000 – $5,000), you really have to wade through waste level piles of crap in order to find something.

You will see there are plenty of sites listed on there with the same price but a different URL. All the content is copied from somewhere else, the website design is copied from elsewhere. There is no traffic.

Avoid these sites like the plague.

The Payment Process

There are a few options when it comes to payment for your newly purchased (or sold) website.

You’ve got:

  • Flippa Escrow
  • PayPal?

You can fund these through either credit card or bank transfer.

They make the bank transfer quite easy by supplying all the details immediately after purchasing the site. The benefit of paying by bank transfer is you avoid those credit card fees so you end up saving yourself around 3% of the total sale price.

The downside?

Bank transfers have received some bad press from time to time, either with delays or difficulty in achieving a successful transfer.

How Does The Transfer Process On Flippa Work?

The transfer process is fairly straightforward and hassle free most of the time (I imagine).

My experience was good. The seller asked me to create an account with his domain name provider and pushed the domain toward my account. For the site, this was transferred to my hosting. The seller was also kind enough to update the Adsense code and Amazon affiliate IDs with my own.

First you create a hosting account under the new domain name you have purchased, then I provided my seller with my cPanel login details. He took care of the transfer process for me. He added my gmail to the Google Analytics for the domain.

Around 36 hours after I won the auction I had the site on my servers and domain name registered in my account.

Also Google analytics and all that stuff was sorted too.

What I Don’t Like

Flippa transaction fees come out to be 15% (or 12% if you use Flippa escrow)


That’s high. Particularly if you’re buying an expensive site.


Shouldn’t the transaction fee be capped after a certain level?

If you buy a $10,000 site, that’s $1,500 in fees!!

Due Diligence Before Buying A Website

  • Check that tracking ID match on each of the income reports
  • Run the site through SEMRush
  • Run it through Majestic, Ahrefs, Opensiteexplorer
  • Search the website, in Google to make sure it is indexed
  • Check that it hasn’t been banned from adsense¬†(insert link to site)
  • Make sure traffic is growing
  • I like to buy from a seller who has a good track record of selling quality sites.

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