Is The Buy Me A Beer/Coffee Donate Button Dead?

Is The Buy Me A Beer/Coffee Donate Button Dead?

Once upon a time you would see these donate buttons everywhere. All varieties of bloggers would have them up on their site with different calls to action to donate and support their work. Some appealed to the costs of maintaining a site with hosting fees and the risk of having to pull the content, others’ appealed to empathetic reasons and asked for more coffee for more content.

I decided to give one of these plugins a go.

I installed the tinycoffee plugin and put it after the content on each of my posts. I made sure to install this on my site where I get the highest rate of interactions in the form of email signups and comments.

I’ll run the test for a month or two and report back to see what I find!

Update: Well after running the buy me a beer/coffee button on my site that recieves the highest engagement from my visitors I can conclusively say that the button is surely dead (for me anyway). 

I put the button on one of my personal sites that I take great pride in and engage frequently with my visitors. After about 10,000 unique visitors then button has converted a whopping – zero times.

I’ve pulled it from the site.

Now it’s important to remember my test is only a small sample, it’s limited to a niche and demographic. You might have more luck with it than I, but for me it’s dead.

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