Authority Builders Co Review

Authority Builders Co Review

I’ve taken a long hiatus from building affiliate sites this year, it’s a decision that was made for me as I landed a fairly intense engineering job that meant I spent most nights exhausted and basking in the dull glow of my computer screen as I fell asleep watching a movie. I haven’t published an article or done any outreach since the January and surprisingly, my sites have held up decently. A couple of the weaker ones have been slowly losing traffic, but on the whole they’ve held up well. So the first post I’m writing in 10 months might have you thinking what has been so significant to warrant writing.

Today, I bought my first backlink. 

I found the site Authority Builders Co, bit the bullet and forked out $200 for a backlink in a guest post.

I’ll be tracking the positioning of my website in Google for the specific keyword I requested a guest post to be created around. Currently, it’s sitting any hwere between positions 30-40. Not so great and plenty of room for improvement!

The process of creating an account with Authority Builders Co is simple and fast. The website has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. However, on my smaller laptop screen there are some scrolling issues as the whole page does not resize to my screen well.

There’s a very useful search function that let’s you identify potential backlink opportunities based on:

  • Citation Flow (CF)
  • Trust Flow (TF)
  • Domain Authority (DA)
  • Monthly traffic to the website
  • Price
  • and some others that I haven’t seen before

Once you have found a website you would like to receive a backlink from it’s a matter of entering a preferred title for the guest post, including the anchor keywords for your backlink and including any other information you would like to share with the webmaster. For an extra couple of bucks you can also choose to increase the length of the guest post. I chose to increase my guest post to 1,000 words for an extra $15.

The information is then sent off as a proposal to the webmaster to accept or deny. This is an important part to understand, the links are not guaranteed and not automatic. They still need to be manually approved by the owner of the website you would gain the backlink from.

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