2016 Notes in Review

2016 Notes in Review

Digging through some of my storage today I found a diary from 2016 where I kept notes for my passive income endeavors. There’s a few ideas and resources there that might still be valuable, so I thought I’d put them all here as a summary and reminder for the future.

  • Apparently the “Awaken Theme” for WordPress is really great.
  • The keyword “best reverse osmosis system” looks great
  • More niche themes: Splash, Ultimate Azon, Kingdom theme
  • Copy sites like the spruce how they build multiple sites in different categories and use sitewide footers to link to each other
  • mrgugu.com for wholesale and dropshipping
  • Use CSS Hero for $20 per year – they also offer affiliates 40% commission
  • Customer support – Help scout, zendesk, desk, kayako, grasshopper, ring central
  • Nerdmarketing.com is a good resource for building an ecommerce store
  • spyder spanker plugin to protect backlinks when buildin PBN
  • Never interlink PBNs
  • Use firefox for PBNs
  • Gooten.com to sell and dropship products on Amazon
  • 8 bit penis scarf, still an opportunity?
  • Linquidator to check link quality
  • Google merchant woocommerce addon for $79
  • Awesomestuff365.com is a cool idea

Here’s a good one – a checklist for finding the right products to dropship:

  1. Average value between $75 – $200
  2. Gross margin 20% or more
  3. Fragmented market
  4. Lends itself to return customers
  5. Lends itself to multiple item orders
  6. Can you add value to the market?
  7. Products are difficult to buy locally
  8. Seasonal business
  9. Google trends US dominated
  10. Non-comoditized products
  11. At east 70 different products in the niche
  12. Is there competition?
  13. Average product weight under 5kg
  14. Top three keywords have combined 15,000 monthly exact match searches

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